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11 01 2010

Welcome to Nimatime’s blog: bringing you fishing and hunting reports in the state of Florida

Blog 2.

I was browsing through an online duck hunting forum this weekend, and came across a post where one of the posters had posted some pictures from his hunt.  He had gone hunting in a marsh in south florida, except he was not shooting a gun, instead he was armed with his camera.  After looking at the pictures of bluewing teal flying in unison, It brought back memories of my first year getting into duck hunting 4 years ago, when I saw a similiar flight of bluewing teal, in full plume dashing and darting through my decoys.   After reading the section on Image in Ulmer’s Internet Invention, I thought about what makes a strong image.  Ulmer pointed out that a key is to tie the image to a memory which creates an specific emotion in the observer.   The poster that posted the picture of the bluewing teal, succesfully achieved that as the picture took me back to a similiar experience that I experienced a few years back.   It is important to use image to create a mood, and bring out emotions in the observer to have a successful image.  This can be accomplished through the using the environment and imagry to connect to and bring out emotions in the observer.




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15 01 2010
Nima Khosravani

After reading Sunshine’69, I could not put into words how I felt about it to catagorize it. It was not an online article, nor an online book, but an experience. An experience that proved to have been experienced differently by every member of the class. There was no right or wrong way to read it, but one thing everyone gathered from the experience was the change in mood. During the summer of 69, people were carefree, it was the time of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. People were on LCD, smoking marijuana, on the fields star gazing at night and going to concerts and on mental trips during the day. Until the summer ended, and the harsh realities set in, there trip was over, we were in war. Many historical things happened during that time including landing a man on the moon, the Charles Manson murders, Watergate, etc which all contributed to the end of summer69. I was not alive to witness all of it, but through reading sunshine69, I was able to experience it, second hand, from the people that actually did. Through this interactive article, I was able to click through and experience that time through people that I know nothing about. I was able to gain an idea of each person by a list of things that were found in their pockets, which is an interestingly accurate way to learn about someone.

15 01 2010

The goal of the course experiment is to gain an understanding of expression through the use of media. For example when we read sunshine’69 we were able to experience and understand events that we did not experience through the other peoples stories, descriptions and expressions. The methods include tone, descriptions, the use of imagery, in such media as the internet or interactive readings like sunshine’69.
Everyone has a perspective specific to their discipline but we discussed that we need to think outside the box, I am a biology major but can not look at readings and interpret readings with the same mentality and view, I must have an open mind and not have the same thought process in learning, observing, or interpretting.

25 01 2010

Homesickness is described in the reading as a parallel to boredom. in defining the mood of homesickness, it is a feeling of boredom, with the mind and mental status in a state of thought or a state which is not preoccupied by activity. Being in an early class, sitting in the uncomfortable right handed chairs with the arm rest, tired, and not paying attention to something that I have no interest in, which due to my state of boredom brings memories of a situation in which i would rather be in and am more comfortable in is an example of boredom.

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