Mixin Vinyls

24 03 2010

Growing up watching MTV,  I remember always loving when DJ Skribble was on, as he usually did the big MTV spring break parties and etc.   Ever since then I always thought it would be cool to be a DJ, and always wanted to try it out.  However,  DJ equipment is  not normally  accessible, and unless you have your own equipment, I have no idea where you would go to try one out.

My cousin who is a few years older had a New Years party at his place in Ft Lauderdale, and sure enough he had a DJ with all of the equipment there.  He had a huge collection of Vinyls and was really good at mixing and scratching all of the songs and I wanted nothing more than to try it out.  He ended up leaving the equipment there, so as soon as I woke up, the first thing I did was attempt to turn it on.  I tried to mix Buster Rhymes with Method Man and eventually after an hour of playing around with the two vinyls was able to slow down one of the beats to make a sweet new beat.  This is similiar to elements that I would like to incorporate into my Project 2, as I want to add syncretism to bring two different ideas in to make a new meaning.




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