Response to Heather’s Project

28 04 2010

You bring up a great point about the equal opportunity laws that I would like to elaborate on:
First we must understand that all people are different, even twins are different. Twins arise from a single fertalized egg that splits a few days after conception. although they may have the same/similiar genetic make up, once they grow up they face different environmental influences, which gives each of them unique thought processes, and epigenetic differences which highlight certain genes more or less to add uniqueness. I use twins as an example because they have the closest/most similiar relationship, however often end up as polar opposites. Therefore the underlieing ideal/concept is this difference in environment and influences that every person faces while growing up. Discrimination and racism are also relative, as portrayed by Chappel’s block party when wyclef jean was speaking to the band students and told them to “stop blaming the white man”. He is inferring that black people believe that if they don’t “make it” they blame the “white man” for hindering their social progress. I think that is upsurd, that he would even make that comment as I have never experienced anyone feeling that way, but he grew up with different influences than I did. Everyone is different, and raised differently, but the key is the inside desire/motivation to succeed that separates people. Yes, people can sit and blame other people, or blame discrimination or racism for their hindrances, but the bottom line is if someone has the desire to succeed, they will succeed! No matter what sex, race, color, religion, etc. If the desire is there, you can succeed. However, it is a lot easier to sit back after you have been denied or come to a roadblock and blame racism and discrimination for your stoppages. So before blaming discrimination and racism, just remember, “If you believe, you will achieve!”




One response

29 04 2010

Clarification: The “you” is all people in general.

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