Scientists say life began in the oceans.  I could spend my life on the ocean, there are infinite amounts of things to do.   The Ocean is 157,000,000 results in 0.25 seconds

In the ocean, the remora helps the shark  by eating the parasites that would otherwise harm the shark and  the shark in turn helps the remora by providing shelter, protection, and food.  All life in the ocean thrives off of helping each other.  I want to help people.

The ocean aroused in me a love for biology,  which blossomed into my major and is leading me to a career in medicine.  To be competitive in applying to medical school, your basket must be full.  But you must not get sidetracked when new obstacles or opportunities fly in to present themselves.  The desire to be happy/successful later, fuels the hard work now.

No matter what happens today, tomorrow will still come.  Man is defined not by his actions during comfort, but by how he reacts to adversity and unexpected obstacles.

Spirit of the Wild, Never Lose Focus.

Keep on Truckin..


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