“Yo grab one”
“Dude throw that shit out, since when do you smoke”
“I dunno, Im not addicted or anything, I just light one casually when I drink…its soo chill, you should try it. I was chillin with Kailyn the other week at her place and all those girls were smoking, so I tried it…its really not that bad, and it takes you from like 5 beers to 8. ”
“Im not in to all that man, when I finally make it through medschool, and I am in the operating room…..I want to be the one preforming the surgery, not the one being operated on ”

“Whatever floats your boat…plus its like a standard at FSU, thats their pick up line…dude walks up to a piece at the bar, ‘ hey can I get a light’, and bam game time you are in.  It makes me feel good, quit judging.”

“We’ve been best friends since middle school, im not judging, im just saying im not into all that.”


      but why?


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