Other factors influence our mental and physical states of well-being, including factors of stress which stem from many aspects of our community, atmosphere, and environment.  My aspirations stem from my home, where I had determined and dedicated parents that demonstrated these qualities first hand.  I watched them work and overcome obstacles which could have easily caused them to quit.  Organic Chemistry 1, Organic Chemistry 2, Biochemistry, and Eukaryotic Cell Structure proved to be the “weed-out” classes that separated the true, from the unsure and the quitters.  The outdoors proved to be my ticket to wellness and well-being, as the stress from maintaining good grades, being involved in campus, researching in Shands Hospital, while shadowing doctors, could have led me to eventual negative states of health.  It is not hard to understand why people smoke cigarettes, as smoking is not the problem or ideal, but the desire to become happy, or comfortable, or attain wellness is.  Through this understanding, I have my sights straight, and no matter how full my basket becomes, or what obstacles fly into my path, I will never lose focus, or sacrifice my health or well-being because at the end of the day, when I am in the operating room, I want to be the one performing the operation.


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