Everything we have done throughout the course of the semester has contributed to the creation of project 3.   The purpose of the course has been to make the transformation from literacy to electracy, and Gary Hink and Greg Ulmer have guided us in our attempt to become electrate.  In creating my emblem, I spent much time contemplating and “sketching” ideas.  However, my “final” emblem was nothing like the sketches or ideas before, but is the most accurate in provoking the look and feel of my mystory.   The changing backgrounds in each step signify the different atmospheres and communities that I have been through, that continue to change throughout the journey of my life, however keep the same theme of an abstract ocean surface, which is symbolic to life, happiness, and longevity.  The basket is full fish signifying the many tasks, obligations, goals and endeavours that I face  each day while trying to remain well-balenced, determined, and in focus, qualities that my parents raised me with.  The surgeon overlayed into the basket represents my career discourse, as I have filled my basket with discourses that will lead me to become a surgeon. The ducks flying in represent the new obstacles and challenges that often “fly-in” presenting themselves, and I chose a duck to represent that as I am an avid Duck Hunter and love the outdoors.   Finally,  the motto on the bottom of my emblem reads, “Spirt of the Wild, Never Lose Focus”  The Spirit of the Wild is sort of like my Avatar, as it ties everything together like a quilt.  The wilderness brings me peace of mind, stress relief, knowledge, wisdom, love, trust, appreciation and many other moods, feelings, and expressions that tie all of my discourses together.   Therefore, I am the Spirit of the Wild, and no matter what, through all the obstacles that I face I will never lose focus.  

PT.II of my Project 3, incorporates the concept of desiring happiness, and paralleling it to the desire for health, wellness, and well-being.  Although it may appear that the problem is smoking, smoking is the result of an underlying motive: the desire for happiness, comfort, well-being, fitting in, etc.  Through Project 3, I tried to examine this concept through electracy, something that has never been done before, but is ultimately the direction in which we are headed.   I tried to mash-up my emblem with pt 2, yet keeping them separated and physically navigable.  However, the theme of medicine, focus, and impediments are seen throughout the entire project.  Being that Electracy is the apparatus of the new wave of digital technology/innovation, I was successful in demonstrating electracy in this innovative blog as I used Multimedia, (audio, youtube, images, and  manipulated images), while having a webbed linkage of pages through text hyperlinks, as well as image hyperlinks.  The pages were separated in ideas, to avoid confusion and remain thematically sound, and were arranged in an aesthetic, easy to navigate manner.  I believe I have finally grasp an understanding for electracy, and look forward to the newly developing heuretics.


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