My first few weeks of class proved to be difficult, as a lot of the language being used was new to me.  I did not understand electracy, as the concept was difficult to grasp, or the ever transitioning modes of technology, and  the  fact that  technology  was headed towards the mode of electracy.   I had difficulties understanding aspects of electracy, such as High Concept, as my whole life I have been writing papers to prove points and facts , supported by explanations and reason.  It was extremely difficult cutting out explanations and descriptions as these have been a part of my writing style since I have been able to write.  The third or obtuse meaning was also difficult to grasp, as I am used to writing to prove or demonstrate an idea for a teacher to grade.   My limited technical multi-media experience also proved to be a significant factor at first causing difficulties for me in creating my blog, however, I quickly caught on and feel very comfortable and competent now working with the blog.  

        However, through constant email clarifications from Gary Hink on tech support, relay ideas, and other such considerations significant in allowing me to better understand the idea of electracy, I am extremely proud of my project 3, and believe it is a significant source of electracy.  There were many frustrations throughout the course in understanding concepts or wording in directions, however project 3 gave me the confidence that I finally understand it. 

       My emblem also proved to be quite successful, as after I understood the difference between a symbol and an emblem and became familiar with using Adobe Photoshop, I was able to successfully create an emblem and I believe truly represents my mystory in evoking feelings and moods.  The emblem also made clear my paradigm or patterning as my career discourse in medicine, qualities like determination, dedication, and focus, prove to be intertwined in some way in many aspects of my mystory, and therefore portrayed through my blog. 

      I believe after reading my project 3 and showing my page to my parents, I truly have an understanding for this new mode of electracy which I never before completely understood.   It is also clear after reviewing my page, how much I think about my career discourse in medicine, and how determined and dedicated I am to do whatever it takes to reach my goals.   These notions are sometimes overlooked, and I thank this course and this project for making me take a second to re-realize how important these concepts are for me.  I also look more deeply at problems, or concerns in the world.  I no longer simply look at problems like smoking, drinking, healthcare, and etc as a one dimensional problem, but now I look deeper in an attempt to identify the deeper motives, or concepts, which these “problems” arise from.   I have many new insights, most significantly the appreciation and understanding of electracy, and I will continue this blog even after the completion of the course.  Now that I understand tags and tagging, I will be able to better share my expressions and mystory with others through this new mode.   With the explosion of the internet age, and google, public libraries have become almost ancient sources of knowledge.  This new mode of electracy may be the next direction of sources like Wikipedia and possibly even Google.  However the disadvantages are, people must take courses such as this one, or have knowledge of technical media to be able be able to express in the form of electracy. 

All in all, I really enjoyed this course and creating this blog/project.  WordPress proved to be easy to learn/understand, and the knowledge and understanding that I have learned as I transitioned to the mode of electracy is a unique tool that I will continue to share.  Thank you to Gary Hink for all of your help and support in making this blog/project such a success.


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