7 04 2010

Today in class we were presented with a situation in that a person is stranded on the side of the highway, and we were to discuss/describe the thought proccess that is involved with making the decision to either help the person, or ignore them and keep driving.   Obviously, everyone is different and would respond differently, however I believe the reason that I would stop is because I have a genuine passion for helping people, not because I have to, nor because I may receive any kind of gift, praise, or recognition, but simply because I desire the health and wellbeing of others, and will do anything in my power that I am capable of in the scope of my education/wisdom to help someone.   Gary made  an example in class today about advising his buddy to not eat red meat because of his already high cholestoral.  He is not advising his friend because he has to, but simply because he cares about the well being of his friend, and has the knowledge/wisdom that red meat has been identified as a major source of dietary cholesterol.  It is not Gary’s duty/responsibility to advise his friend, however, due to the fact that he cares about his friend, he most likely desires the well being/longevity/best interest of his friend so that they can later attend baseball games when they are 80 years old!  This brings up the significant notion of duty vs desire.



31 03 2010

The first thing that came to mind when I see the word “patterning” is a new shotgun.  Most likely the reason I think about this is Turkey season started 2 weeks ago, and I still haven’t had the opportunity to go out turkey hunting, which is driving me crazy.  Anyways everyshot gun patterns differently, and it is significant to learn the pattern of your particuliar shotgun if you wish to be successful with it.   However as pertaining to class and Ulmer,  a connection between almost everything I have done can be tied to the career discourse of my popcycle.  I guess it is because I am in the stage of my life where I am getting ready for transition between Undergrad and medschool that I am always thinking about it and relating things to it.  My home, family, and community all contributed to molding me into who I am today, and led me to the future career discourse that I strive for.  So in this context, patterning does not refer to the accuracy, or consistency of the pattern of the shotgun, but the relationships and connections between all the aspects of my popcycle and how they have all ended up.

Mixin Vinyls

24 03 2010

Growing up watching MTV,  I remember always loving when DJ Skribble was on, as he usually did the big MTV spring break parties and etc.   Ever since then I always thought it would be cool to be a DJ, and always wanted to try it out.  However,  DJ equipment is  not normally  accessible, and unless you have your own equipment, I have no idea where you would go to try one out.

My cousin who is a few years older had a New Years party at his place in Ft Lauderdale, and sure enough he had a DJ with all of the equipment there.  He had a huge collection of Vinyls and was really good at mixing and scratching all of the songs and I wanted nothing more than to try it out.  He ended up leaving the equipment there, so as soon as I woke up, the first thing I did was attempt to turn it on.  I tried to mix Buster Rhymes with Method Man and eventually after an hour of playing around with the two vinyls was able to slow down one of the beats to make a sweet new beat.  This is similiar to elements that I would like to incorporate into my Project 2, as I want to add syncretism to bring two different ideas in to make a new meaning.


19 03 2010

A significant part of class the past week or so has been the style of High Concept.  Quilting is important for high concept as it brings everything together without describing it with repetitive detail.  I don’t know if this is right or not, but when I think of High Concept I think of the movie Snakes on a Plane, as the title is simple and straight forward, and tells you exactly what the film is about.

Last week, there was a big fight on PayPerView, Pacquiao vs Clottey.  I have been boxing for a while  and I am actually training now trying to cutweight for a fight over summer.  My favorite boxer is Manny Pacquiao, and nike just came out with a Manny Pacquiao Pride shirt that is similar to a quilt as the abstract design tells you the story of Pacquiaos life.  Look closely and you can find the map of the world, the map of the Philipines (Pacquiao’s home country), boxing belts, an eagle (philipines national bird), his favorite instrument, the first Philipino fighter, Freddy Roach( Pacquiao’s trainer), his glove symbolic for his famous hook, and Wild Card Gym in Vegas, the gym where he trains.   From a distance, the image may appear to look like Pacquiaos head, but if you look closer you can make out all the individual parts that go into it that tell the life story of Manny Pacquiao.


26 02 2010

In class on Wednesday, we began discussing video games, and surprisingly no one picked a sports game as their favorite video game. I do not consider myself a gamer, but I have a fair amount of knowledge of video games, and have put hours on the N64, Xbox, Xbox 360, PSII, and PSIII. I played the original madden 64, as well as NFL BLITZ, where all of the players where identical block figures, whose only difference came from the numbers on their jerseys. I became a huge MADDEN and NCAA fan, and have every Madden and NCAA from 2003- 2010. It is unbelievable to think about the difference in these games today. Players and teams are extremely differentiated, from minor details such as skin tone, face structure, and distinguishing tattoos. The current NBA games even go so far as to have unique player shoes, headbands, and sleeves that pro basketball players are used for. NCAA10, even has a feature that after you score a touchdown allows you to make the teams gesture. So when Tebow scores a touchdown, you can hold the x button to make him chomp his hands like a Gator. These qualities of video games are significant in media as they are personifying the game through animated characters on the screen, making them realistically entertaining.


17 02 2010

My subject for the group presentation was chapter 3 in Ulmer’s book.  I spent sometime preparing for the main points as I expected to spend the most time explaining those/relating them to how I will use them to electrify my project. However, when I started describing Alienation,-the feeling of homesickness, I got caught up with the idea of distraction, and we spent some time talking about distraction.  Distraction is extremely significant for electracy, and as I mentioned in class- How many great inventions or accomplishments have come without distractions? Not many! But distraction needs to be used in an electric way, and not a way detrimental to the project.  For example, if I were to put a picture of a clean room in black and white, with me studying, but then have a fish mounted on top of my bed in color, the fish would prove to be a physical distraction, but also a distraction with electracy as it was the first fish I ever caught in my life and I am an avid fisherman, and once you clicked it it would provide more insight about my popcycle. It is significant to remember that the distraction needs to be good, but to ourself, as opposed to my example in class of the popup of a office depot ad on a webpage, that distracts other peoples attention off of the webpage to want to click it.


10 02 2010

After reading Maus, It didnt strike me as something new, but I had a feeling of already knowing whats going on before I read it.  I didnt stop to think about why the Jews were mice, or why the Nazis where Cats.  It was too familiar as at first I directly related it to Animal Farm, where George Orwell the author, used animals and describing the russian revolution, leading up to the Stalin Era before WWII, and accused our author of stealing this idea of using animals to depict people from Orwell.  However, after more considerations, I learned that this idea of the Jews as mice and Nazis as Cats, was/is the general thought.  In the movie, Inglorious Bastards, this notion is depicted perfectly in  one of the first scenes as the nazi official enters the home of the dairy farmer and finds/kills all the jews after describing the notion of jews equalling mice.   However, the story is facisnating as the author, Speigelman, uses comics and cartoons, to write this autobiography.  Speigelman is successfull in contrasting times, through outlining frames.  This is significant in understanding his autobiography as it is a story being told from father to son, and often jumps between present and past.