Exercise 5

11 04 2010

The gloves were designed to protect my hands, with wraps underneath to protect my wrist.

However, the gloves must be earned.

Hours, days, weeks, months worth of training must be committed before the gloves are worn.

But the night I put my gloves on, I know that it is much better to give than to receive.

But I must not let the Spirit of the Wild take over me, with wild survival instincts coming out over patience, discipline, and training.

I must remain cool and collected, working hard, using my training to break my opponents will, because I know that I have trained stronger, sweat longer, and worked harder to make me successful.

And when I lose focus, the blood and sweat stains on my gloves remind me of the honest natural hard work, without drugs or supplements, that got me to where I am, and wont let me quit, til I have left the ring victorious, the way the Nuge would want me too.  High on Life!

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I walk up the stairs into the gym, grab the jump rope to begin jump roping for 20 minutes for my warmup.  My Ipods in, with a good playlist to keep my mind occupied as I dance and skip, flipping the rope to the beat of the song.  My 20 minutes are up,  my trainer tells me to go make “the lap”, a quick 1.2 mile run.  I get back and my calves are as tight as a rock, but I don’t want to show weakness.  I put my wraps and gloves on and hop into the ring to do mit drills.

Jab, Jab, Straight Right, Left Hook, duck,  Left Hook.

But I didn’t duck quick enough and he smacks the shit out of my head.

Again, Jab, Jab, Straight Right,

My hands were too far apart leaving my chest and stomach open, so he jabs the shit out of my stomach.

“Come on son, protect yourself ”

My calves are throbbing, but I have to keep bouncing and moving around throwing these combinations.

F*** this, When is that bell going to ring to end the round to give me a break

3 minutes feels like 3 hours, I can’t think of anything besides my calves, and I keep lowering my hands and getting jacked in the face, and when I bring them hes jabbing at my gut.


ok good, only 30 more seconds left…come on finish strong

“Come on son, Finish the round strong”

Jab, Jab, He swings at me and I ducked his wild hook, but I lifted my head without looking at him and he swung a second one that I didn’t duck and nailed me in the head again.

“Keep your F***in head up or your going to keep getting hit”

I hop backwards a few steps to create separation, to hopefully let the time run out.


I was dead, I didnt feel pain in my head, or my stomach where he kept hitting me, but my calves were in a hell of pain.  I took a sip of water, and looked up at the old sign that hung on the wall “The More You Sweat, The Less You Bleed

DINGDING- my 60 second break was up, he me tossed me two 2 pound weights, and told me to get in my stance to throw straight punches.  1,2,1,2, I couldn’t keep my feet straight in the stance.

“Why the F*** are your feet spread like that, what are you getting ready to ride a F***in horse? ”

I straightened them up, and continued to throw the punches, it wasnt so bad.  How much longer? My arms were getting tired, but I thought of the sign and kept throwing them, 1,2,1,2…Finally.. Ding…30 seconds…..I grunted, but kept throwing the punches.


I took another sip of water, and was thinking about the sign. How many champions have trained under this sign? It was motivating, there were blood and sweat stains all over the canvas floor of the ring, and that was even more motivating.

He was barely even getting paid, he would come in after work and train  6 of us that wanted to compete.  It wasnt about money, there was no bullshit, if you wanted it bad enough, if you were dedicated to work hard, and wanted to be a champion, he would train you.  And so I trained. No one forced me to do this, I did it because I wanted to and I thought about that and remembered that when I got tired.



I ducked it perfect, looked up and he tried to throw another hook and I ducked the second one.


It was as if I had just been refueled, I was energized, I hopped around and threw good combinations.

The pain in my calves were gone, at least, I didn’t notice it.

I have realized that my mind controls everything, as soon as I started thinking about the sign, my pain disappeared, and I was more motivated and reenergized, which resulted in a better, more successful workout.   I believe that this mindset, and determination to work hard need to be used throughout all aspects of life, which will result in success in whatever endeavours I pursue.



19 03 2010

A significant part of class the past week or so has been the style of High Concept.  Quilting is important for high concept as it brings everything together without describing it with repetitive detail.  I don’t know if this is right or not, but when I think of High Concept I think of the movie Snakes on a Plane, as the title is simple and straight forward, and tells you exactly what the film is about.

Last week, there was a big fight on PayPerView, Pacquiao vs Clottey.  I have been boxing for a while  and I am actually training now trying to cutweight for a fight over summer.  My favorite boxer is Manny Pacquiao, and nike just came out with a Manny Pacquiao Pride shirt that is similar to a quilt as the abstract design tells you the story of Pacquiaos life.  Look closely and you can find the map of the world, the map of the Philipines (Pacquiao’s home country), boxing belts, an eagle (philipines national bird), his favorite instrument, the first Philipino fighter, Freddy Roach( Pacquiao’s trainer), his glove symbolic for his famous hook, and Wild Card Gym in Vegas, the gym where he trains.   From a distance, the image may appear to look like Pacquiaos head, but if you look closer you can make out all the individual parts that go into it that tell the life story of Manny Pacquiao.