EC Exercise

19 04 2010

“Guns Dont Kill People, People Kill People”

Stress: School::Serenity: Islamorada

1 Semester away from graduating, while taking 16 credits, while studying for the MCAT, nights of sleeplessness have become normal.  Nauseousness accompanies worrying which fades into anxiousness slowly trickling into anxiety.    However,  stepping onto the northwest facing balcony moments before sunset eliminates every ounce of stress and tension in life.  The body becomes carefree, and school doesnt matter, neither do the uncertainties of the future.

“If it was up to me, no one but law enforcement officers would own hand guns…” Chicago Mayor Richard Daley

– Well good thing its not up to you jackass

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”

But why would someone want guns? Guns only cause evil…

Being a Sportsman, Hunter, Recreational Shooter, and Outdoorsmen makes me happy, watching the sun rise or set, in God’s country in pursuit ofwild game, relieves stress in this stressfilled world.


My family has a lot of guns, and I would never sell one of them, ever.  Sure there are some that have been replaced, by newer better models, that sit and collect dust in the corner of the gun room, but everyone of them has sentimental value that is priceless.   I grew up around fishing, hunting, and the outdoors, and therefore grew a tremendous respect and understanding for guns.  My blood boils, and stress builds up inside of  me when I read about ignorant jackasses like that that mayor who believes that all guns should be banned.  If he truely believes that banning all guns would make america safer, then he should look at statisitics to understand how unintellegent he really is.

“Victimizations involving a firearm represented 8% of the 6.3 million violent crimes of rape and sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated and simple assault.”

These numbers prove that criminals will be criminals with or without guns.  The fact that I am armed with a weapon, and the knowledge to confidently use it will make a criminal think twice about robbing my house.  And if he doesnt know, he will learn quickly how big of a mistake he made trying to committ that crime.  If more civilians were armed, then criminals would likely be deterred from trying to committ crimes that had a high risk of them getting caught or injured.

-I’ll keep my guns, rights, and freedom….you keep your change!!

-If guns are made for killing, then all of mine are defected!!!!



Exercise 5

11 04 2010

The gloves were designed to protect my hands, with wraps underneath to protect my wrist.

However, the gloves must be earned.

Hours, days, weeks, months worth of training must be committed before the gloves are worn.

But the night I put my gloves on, I know that it is much better to give than to receive.

But I must not let the Spirit of the Wild take over me, with wild survival instincts coming out over patience, discipline, and training.

I must remain cool and collected, working hard, using my training to break my opponents will, because I know that I have trained stronger, sweat longer, and worked harder to make me successful.

And when I lose focus, the blood and sweat stains on my gloves remind me of the honest natural hard work, without drugs or supplements, that got me to where I am, and wont let me quit, til I have left the ring victorious, the way the Nuge would want me too.  High on Life!

Default Moods

I walk up the stairs into the gym, grab the jump rope to begin jump roping for 20 minutes for my warmup.  My Ipods in, with a good playlist to keep my mind occupied as I dance and skip, flipping the rope to the beat of the song.  My 20 minutes are up,  my trainer tells me to go make “the lap”, a quick 1.2 mile run.  I get back and my calves are as tight as a rock, but I don’t want to show weakness.  I put my wraps and gloves on and hop into the ring to do mit drills.

Jab, Jab, Straight Right, Left Hook, duck,  Left Hook.

But I didn’t duck quick enough and he smacks the shit out of my head.

Again, Jab, Jab, Straight Right,

My hands were too far apart leaving my chest and stomach open, so he jabs the shit out of my stomach.

“Come on son, protect yourself ”

My calves are throbbing, but I have to keep bouncing and moving around throwing these combinations.

F*** this, When is that bell going to ring to end the round to give me a break

3 minutes feels like 3 hours, I can’t think of anything besides my calves, and I keep lowering my hands and getting jacked in the face, and when I bring them hes jabbing at my gut.


ok good, only 30 more seconds left…come on finish strong

“Come on son, Finish the round strong”

Jab, Jab, He swings at me and I ducked his wild hook, but I lifted my head without looking at him and he swung a second one that I didn’t duck and nailed me in the head again.

“Keep your F***in head up or your going to keep getting hit”

I hop backwards a few steps to create separation, to hopefully let the time run out.


I was dead, I didnt feel pain in my head, or my stomach where he kept hitting me, but my calves were in a hell of pain.  I took a sip of water, and looked up at the old sign that hung on the wall “The More You Sweat, The Less You Bleed

DINGDING- my 60 second break was up, he me tossed me two 2 pound weights, and told me to get in my stance to throw straight punches.  1,2,1,2, I couldn’t keep my feet straight in the stance.

“Why the F*** are your feet spread like that, what are you getting ready to ride a F***in horse? ”

I straightened them up, and continued to throw the punches, it wasnt so bad.  How much longer? My arms were getting tired, but I thought of the sign and kept throwing them, 1,2,1,2…Finally.. Ding…30 seconds…..I grunted, but kept throwing the punches.


I took another sip of water, and was thinking about the sign. How many champions have trained under this sign? It was motivating, there were blood and sweat stains all over the canvas floor of the ring, and that was even more motivating.

He was barely even getting paid, he would come in after work and train  6 of us that wanted to compete.  It wasnt about money, there was no bullshit, if you wanted it bad enough, if you were dedicated to work hard, and wanted to be a champion, he would train you.  And so I trained. No one forced me to do this, I did it because I wanted to and I thought about that and remembered that when I got tired.



I ducked it perfect, looked up and he tried to throw another hook and I ducked the second one.


It was as if I had just been refueled, I was energized, I hopped around and threw good combinations.

The pain in my calves were gone, at least, I didn’t notice it.

I have realized that my mind controls everything, as soon as I started thinking about the sign, my pain disappeared, and I was more motivated and reenergized, which resulted in a better, more successful workout.   I believe that this mindset, and determination to work hard need to be used throughout all aspects of life, which will result in success in whatever endeavours I pursue.

Exercise 4

3 04 2010

Lazy yellow moon coming up tonight
Shining through the trees
Crickets are singing
And the lightning bugs are floating on the breeze
Baby get ready

Across the field where the creek turns back
By the old stump road
Im going to take you to a special place
That nobody knows
Baby get ready
Ooo ooo ooo

One of my favorite songs, as it describes his desire to take the girl he loves to a special place that nobody knows.   His use of imagery through the vivid details of his favorite place are rustically genuine.  A bona-fide love for the outdoors ,a place far from buildings, problems, and worries is  portrayed through the descriptions.  There are no hidden meanings to decipher, or deep connections to make, just “good ole” lyrics written with simplicity that are soothing, dreamy, and with punctum to anyone who loves the outdoors.   To some, it may sound like a love song, however, the true love is displayed in describing the special place.  The song begins with an acoustic guitar which gives the listener an earthy, cowboy tone, before two more guitars join in.   Then as the lyrics ,which prove to be the rational begin, there is a faint sound from a harmonica in the back ground, which also adds rustic qualities to the song , perfectly complementing the lyrics and giving the carefree, nothing-else-in the-world-matters atmosphere.

And it don’t matter if we sit forever
And the fish don’t bite
Jump in the river and cool ourselves
from the heat of the night
Baby get ready

Ooo ooo ooo

Pt. 2

As we are approaching the end of the semester and have completed many exercises to better understand our positions within Orality, Literacy, and Electracy, I have noticed a few themes that are intertwined throughout all of these dimensions.  Both my mom and dad moved to the US in 1979 before the revolution in Iran,  by themselves to attend College.  They barely spoke english started with nothing, and against all odds, were able to make it through all of the adversity they faced and become successful.   Through them, I gained what I believe is my strongest quality, Ambition.  I will never quit any task, and refuse to take no for an answer.  I believe everything is possible and truly believe, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

I have always been a good student, who knew I wanted to go to the University of Florida.  However, when I received my admissions letter, I was disappointed to learn that it was not an acceptance letter.   While all of my friends knew where they were going by February and had already gotten senioritis, I spent my senior year spring writing letters, driving to Gainesville for meetings, and working hard to make sure I had strong final grades.  During an appeals process that accepted about 20 students out of nearly 400 appeals, I was one of the students that got accepted because I have a quality about me that will work as hard as I need to get what I want.   I recently began volunteering at an elementary school in the lower income area of Gainesville, performing science experiments for 3rd graders, with the hope of sharing my ambitions with the younger generations of our community.

I believe it is my ambitions combined with my love for helping people that has led me into my senior year as a Biology major.  I have seen more than half of my friends start their academic careers as “premed” and then switch once they got to some of the harder classes, but my ambition and determination will never let me quit until I achieve my goals.

Finally, I believe it is this quality in me that makes me prefer action movies, with my favorite movie being Shooter.  Character can be measured by the way man responds to conflict and adversity, and it is not ironic that all of my favorite movies are movies that deal with a character that overcomes all conflict and adversity to rise to the top.

Assignment #3

4 03 2010

Everyone has their good group of friends that they grew up with. Pool parties in elementary school,  movies in middle school, and parties in high school.  These friends became family, their families became my family, and my family theirs. 

First day of summer after 6th grade- Pool party at Lindsay’s house.  We were running around her back yard with our super soakers, when all of a sudden her dad comes out with his fly rod. He walks down to the lake, slides his canoe into the water and paddles out by himself insearch of the elusive Largemouth Bass.   I lost all interest in the water fight.  He flyfished? Noone around here flyfishes? I want to know more. I want a big house on the lake, where I can just slide my canoe into the water and Flyfish too.

Things did not change as we got older. If we were not at my house, our group of close friends was at her house.  I love my house, as it is nice and big too with deer heads, elk heads, turkeys, and other wild game all over the walls.  I want a house like that , my dads an engineer, but I hate math and physics so thats out of the picture.  But I love fishing, hunting, the outdoors, and through that I found a love for Biology.  But Lindsay’s house had all the deer and wildgame on her walls too! I found out her dad is a doctor, a surgeon.  I loved those things too, so I wanted to be like him.

Everytime I was at their house, I would always find myself asking him questions about school, fishing, hunting, and biology, and almost found myself liking to hang out with him, more than my friends who I had gone over to spend time with.   It was like yesterday, two summers ago, when I was taking Organic Chemistry during summer and having difficulties memorizing something I did not understand, that was not proved, and could be completely wrong.  I asked him about it and he said he had the same problems when he took Organic Chemistry at Emory many years ago and that he worked his way though it and after failing the first test, found new ways to approach it and recieved an A in the class.  He went on to say, that if it was easy, everyone could become a doctor, and that course is the true deciding point for most Pre-med students who really want it.  As Ulmer says, “All Naratives are structured by conflict,” and this became my conflict, which I worked through because I knew I wanted it.

I started shadowing him.  Like the Doctor in Iran, that confirmed my career discourse, the respect lindsays dad recieved from his patience was amazing. The way they would look in his eyes, and say Thank You Doctor.  It didnt even phase him, he was used to it, but to me it was one of the coolest things ever.  I watched him do some of the most amazing surgerys, that I never thought were even technologically possible, watching his hands stitch in artificial graphs, in place of Artieries that had been cut out as a result of forming aneurysms.  He credited his stable hands, to knot tying, as knot tying is a significant part of fly fishing.  I knew I could be good at that, and thanks to him, Vascular Surgery is my goal.


5 02 2010

A. Home (Venetian Shores).

B. Shell Key.

C. Snake Creek Bonefish Flat.

D. Bud N Mary’s/ Lazy Days.

E. World Wide Sportsman/ Morada Bay.

Islamorada is home, home away from home, the greatest home in the world. A place where thousands of hours have been spent doing nothing, besides looking at the crystal blue water of the bayside that endlessly goes north, daydreaming, being unproductive, but happy, without stress or a single worry in the world.

I have spent many mornings, afternoons, nights running around the unmarked flats in islamorada in search of the elusive bone fish. Finally, after many years, my first one was caught off Shell Key.  Since then, I have caught many bonefish, in the bahamas, keys, mexico and etc. But no fish will compare to the fish in Shell Key.  There is no smarter, bigger, tougher, more elusive, spookier fish than the fish of shell key, and for that they have my ultimate respect.

Snake Creek is marked, but a difficult channel to navigate. A channel that connects the bayside to the ocean side. I have seen many boaters, unable to navigate and read channel markers, run their fancy triple engine boats off the channel and onto the shallow flats that surround it, sitting in embarressment waiting 6 hours for the tide to rise or for the seatow boat to save them.  This flat being so close to home, is my home flat, and I can blindly point out every pothole, lip, ledge, or drop off on it, and have seen some of the most spectacular fishing here.  It is my go to flat.

Lazy Days may be older than I am, It has been there as long as I can remember and it is an icon of Islamorada.  It has the freshest seafood with the best view. I hope to someday become an owner, or simulate a similiar place with the same atmosphere, as I love every second that I have spent there.  Eat your own catch, watch the sunset, on a pristine flat that expands to the ocean.

There is not a single trip to Islamorada that does not consist of a stop to WorldWide Sportsman.  Lots of knowledge has come out of WorldWide Sportsman, I remember many hours talking to Walter at the flyfishing counter,  who gave me insight on bullynetting, catching bait, and patchreef fishing.  Next door at Marada Bay, I have experienced some of my greatest sunsets, and my obsession of sunsets stemmed from here.

Professional Crabber

5 02 2010

A house in Ft Pierce. I  walked in, looked around, the smell of salt in the air, a long dock extends far into the Indian River lagoon. A view of blue-green open water, with large mangrove islands, running the length of the river, which become a part of the one of the best sunset views in the world every afternoon.  The sunset takes the purples, greens, blues, yellows, pinks, and reds from your watercolor set, and creates the most amazing image, never duplicating a previous portrait.  And then my parents told us that they were buying this house, 4 bedrooms, tall and beachy.  I sat around thinking, dreaming all day and night about the possibilities. I would become a professional crabber,  learn every tarpon hot spot, find out where the redfish tail, or where the snook hide at night.  I would learn the channels, inlets, cuts, and coves and find secret ledges and flats that would become my secret spots.  This is what Ft. Pierce became, a place where my dreams were made.  I couldn’t sleep, I was so excited.  I dreamed about winning every redfish tournament in the Indian river, having my own research project of tagging and releasing fish.  This was Ft Pierce.  A place where you couldnt get bored even on a rainy day, where the boatramps are filled on saturdays and sundays with people who loved the water as much as I did, and where the endless bullshit stories are neverending on the fishing docks.  This was my dream town, and on this day it would become my reality.

Byebye flying fish

22 01 2010

The ocean, flat like a swimming pool, all of a sudden explodes with bait fish erupting out as the tuna tries to catch its meal with its ambush attack.  This picture catches that moment, when the yellowfin tuna is 6 feet in the air, staring into the lens of the camera, with a flyingfish stuck between its mouth.  Being a tuna fishermen myself, and having tuna season being so close to beginning, this picture arouses many emotions in me, specifically excitement, anticipation, and curiosity.  The obtuse meaning, and punctum of this image result from the tuna, in the air, staring at me, bringing memories of trolling through flocks of birds, watching the tuna abruptly explode in the surface while chasing baitfish.  This is because they tie the scene in the picture to a particuliar memory, arousing emotions tied to the connection between the memory and the image.  Yellowfin Tuna- a fierce predatory gamefish, which evokes the idea of a hungry missile causing explosions on the surface of a smooth, calm ocean, as it attempts to satisfy its never satisfied hunger.

I stood still, as the cool crisp wind blew a scent of acorns, and earth straight into my face.  I was in the perfect position, 25 feet above the ground in a tree stand, wearing light hardwood camouflage, with my face painted in streaks of green and black.  I had been sitting still all morning, since an hour before the sun came up, patiently waiting.  I keep my head still and slowly move my eyes to the right, and then to the left and then out of the palmettos, steps out a young whitetail doe.  She looks around, and waits for a second, before a second doe, slightly smaller, steps out behind her.  Together, they walk across the trail I am sitting on, down towards a pond 100 yards away.  A few minutes later, a mature buck steps out, hot on their trail and begins following the same path the two does had just taken.  He takes another step, and I can count 4 points on each side, a mature 8 point deer, who’s rack spreads outside of the ears with perfect symmetry.  He takes another step, and he is about 30 yards away from me.  I take a deep breath, and draw back with my bow, he takes another step, and I line up my site to just behind his shoulder. I am shaking, with excitement.  I have been holding the bow drawn back for 7 seconds, it feels like 30 minutes. I take another deep breath, and release the string, the arrow goes flying as I watch my dream deer duck, with the arrow flying just over him.  He ducked, he wasn’t supposed to duck.  A gun would have killed him, he wouldn’t have had time to duck, I wouldn’t have had to wait for him to have come that close. Why did he duck? What did I do wrong? At that moment, I became addicted to archery hunting.