Internet Invention

Chapter1- Difficult to read, as it took some time to get used to Ulmers wording.  Elements of popcycle include Entertainment, Family, Community, Personal.  Other significant points include Mystory and Widescope

Chapter2-Image-Electracy-Obtuse Meaning-Wabi Sabi-Attunement-Epiphany- Punctum- emotional sting. -tying emotions with feelings being evoked from memories triggered from images.

Chapter3-Narrative-Homesick-Alienation- Home- The idea of things that give you a feeling that you are not currently experiencing.  Like salt smell of the beach.Chapter 3. Home and Family-
1. Alienation- felt has homesickness. “yearning for fulfillment is sometimes expressed as Heimweh, the homesickness for the father or mother and for the lost sheltered place”, or a desire for something beloved left behind.
Reversible bereavement- coping with loss, grieving.
Culture views it as Childish. Idea of Culture.
Homesickness is an example of distraction- interferes with education and sucess, however significant for electracy.
Example of Punctum, something in the present triggers feeling from past- then information from past distracts person in present.
Electric state of mind- tolerance for nunutilitarian inefficient irrelevant events and experiences.
Two Economies- Idea of Home- Students are formed in home, faced with problems and conflicts that make a person, and create a default mood.
Mystory- an emerging hybrid genre, like a labaratory experiment, that connects with speculation and invention.
Allegory Popcycle- searching for our wide image being able to use reasoning and recognition as well as analotiges to locate our own position.
Endocept- diffuse and abstract ideas that come often without verbalized emotions

Chapter4- Descriptions and styles to signify them. Chora. Interphase Metaphor.

Chapter5- Interface tables: Evoking and understanding experience of Electracy. Invention of Dialogue: Text vs. Dialogue vs. Feelings felt vs. Emotions. Punctum.  Problems at home vs mood/problems at work. Recognition.Face to Face- Expressions, Emotions, Felt, Displayed. Truth Tables.

Chapter6-Liminal-ambuiguity,openness, indeterminacy. Syncretism-Growtogether, bring together thoughts,ideas, reconsile contrary beliefs. syncrhtic relationship to chora- hybrid. pigeon. How does stimmung relate to chora. Stimmung is attunement. Chora has atmosphere and stimmung is the nonpersonal mood. Stimmung is the site. Community of Popcycle.

Chapter7- Community Discourse- institutionalized way of thinking?-common set of goals- how the story interests us. -sender vs reciever. Interpellation. Entertainment form of sender reviever. Value -sender reciever donor. Identify Value. I am community, community is me.  High Concept- Juxtaposition.     Environment/community.

CHapter8- Idea of Bar/street.  The atmosphere, story or idea from word of mouth. Where Hero Meets Donor, Consultation-testimony. Conduction-Transferring of heat or energy/ transferring of influence from different objects. Remake, Limnality, Syncretism-syncronizing, bringing together.  Duende, Daemon-spirit. Blues- Feelings.

Chapter9- Wide Image- an embodiment of themes or themata that we propose to locate through mode. Composing an Emblem: 1. name a thing as the basis for an emblem, 2. choose a picture and invent a motto, 3. choose a motto and invent a picture.  Readymade- prototype of all procedures of appropriation in which an object, image, text is selected, decontextualized, recontextualixed in combination with other selections, to form an assemblage. Mystory allegory frame- anagogy, moral, allegory, literal. Catag0rical Star, Remake.

Chapter10-  using new wisdom to deal with the consequences of actions and declares a desire to return to the ordinary world.  Question of happiness- personal emblem.  Lots of Ulmer stories, Desire vs. Duty.

Digital Conference- Avatar connects everything in the popcycle. Nervebody sends message as impulse, action potential, through depolorization of the membrane sends signal which goes through axon, and turns into chemical signal(nuerotransmitter) to cross synpases. Idea of stimulus, thought, memory.


New Media

Sunshine 69′- Trips, Hullucination, many authors, never ending, history, experience, unstructured, abstract, hyperlinks, descriptions through pocket occupancy.

Waves- reflective stand point proved to be significant in portraying her story.  I will definately use this element.

My body- Network of thoughts, main page connects to stories, easy to navigate- words link to stories that have to do with word on link and picture.

Chemical landscape- Artistic Watercolor paint background.  Each color phase has descriptions about a mood, or nature. However, it pops up and fades out too fast for you to read it.  You must click it a few times to be able to read the bottom paragraph.  The top part consists of descriptive words, that give a mood or feeling and let the imagination picture the rest with an assisted view.

Cruising- Waaaaay to fast, I dont like the fast pace nature of this page. too busy not effective.

Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky- Interesting prepage-Grabs Interest-Arouses Curiousity. Another style of a picture map, with each star taking you to a different story. The black page proves to be successful as the blue/black more obvious stars link to thoughts, or descriptions, telling his stories,  which were touched upon,  in the flash prepage, which we are not going to work with.  However, we are not going to work with Flash.

The Cape- Maritime,  Old Salt, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Blue Crabs, Clam Chowder.- The aspects of geography.  The little caption that lets the reader know that the events happened so long ago that the pictures were in black and white. This  added maturity and a old,dusty mood to it which proved to be effective.   I also liked the theme of the maritime/ nautical charts, giving the feel of an old salt.

hvarf-heim- Map, Highlightening or putting the spotlight on areas that you have the clicker on. Easy to navigate, Good use of colors, strucutre, style.

Accounts of the Glass Sky- mediocrely easy-to-navigate design. However my volume was turned loud, and the sounds on the artifacts page startled me.  Leaves you with questions-  I enjoyed the explinations on the page to gain better insight on the authors thoughts/motives.  Images let imagination flow.

The Jew’s Daughter- One of the “coolest” pages I have seen.  I loved the design, and how the page comes up like an online zoomed in version of a book, however when you click the links, somes paragraphs change, and some words change tense to change meaning and continue the story.

In the White Darkness- no story, no narrative to draw you in. Cool Pictures, good example of how you need a blend of different modes.  The info page ties the pictures together with the meaning.  After reading the info page, you look at the pictures differently

Filmtext- Similiar to a video game.  Gives mood similiar to Command and Conquer, and other such war games.  The text is warlike, artsy, convoluted gargan.  Images give new war style mood.



Y tu mamá también- Living life to the fullest. Even though she does not have too much time left to live due to an illness, she makes the best of her final days joining the boys on an adventure that turns into a crazy adventure.

Virgin Suicides- news, relaying news, hiding, protecting, barrier,

Hide and Seek-  The black and white film proved to be effective, as the film was only made in 1996 and was capable of being made in color.

My Winnipeg- Awful Film due to the fact that it was drawn out too long, with awful narration, and weak plot if any. The director’s choice in the narrarator was not effective at all as his voice and tone became extremely irritating.

Sigur Ros- Heima-  I enjoyed this even though we did not watch the entire thing and jumped around clips.  The played very mellow music that was earthy, and all of their shows were out in nature with breathtaking back grounds.   Due to the fact that I want my page to be about Duckhunting, or outdoorsy, I think their music might make great background music to my page.

Brick- Pure Style. Unrealistic highschool setting, unrealistic relationship between school principle and student. Romantic Twist at End.

Block Party- conveying assemblage of different expressions. Donor (chappell) Reciever (people of streets of Brooklyn). 3rd demension of Brookyn, mixing comedy, music, culture, people, to give mood and make the atmosphere.

Pulp Fiction- I had never seen Pulp Fiction before, and thought it was a very unique film with a lot of individual style that can easily be tagged to the director/producer. I noticed it was a Quantin Tarantino movie at the begining, however, even if I would have missed it, It would not have take long to realize that it was his film. The multinarrative style was similiar to Inglorious Bastards (another Quantin Tarantino film), as it hops around to different narratives and is seperated in chapters, some of which had subtitles. Alysa said it perfectly, when she said “every narrative is seperate, but seems to be interconnected at some point. That is a style that is unique to Tarantino as the same style can be noticed in both Inglorious Bastards, and Kill Bill. The movie begins in the diner, and ends in the diner, however the story actually begins much before the diner, and ends long after the diner. Maybe I missed it, but I know that Vincent gets shot by Butch when he is returning to get his watch, however, what happens to Jules? The end of the movie leads you to believe that they both walk away unharmed, but due to the multinarrative style and jumping around from one time plot to another, we know that Vincent eventually dies.
Also, the scene where Mia overdoses is significant to Electracy, and the idea of the Bar/street, and duende, because Vincent cant take her to the hospital, so he goes back to the source of the drugs for help. The drug dealer cannot find his book, and neither one of them is sure what to do, and they are not in a situation where they can go to a hospital, or “google” for help. So they rely on what they have heard, or what they think will happen, and when Vincent is holding the needle up before injecting the adrenaline shot in Mia’s heart, it is a sensory emotional experience for the audience and for Vincent and the drug dealer as they dont know if she will make it.

Inglorious Bastards- Another Quentin Torentino movie similiar style to Pulp Fiction. Divided into chapters, with multinarrative that jumps to different time plots, and eventually all comes together at the end like a quilt to complete the overall story.  Form of fictional history of two plots to assassinate the nazi party.

Synecdoche- Idea/theme of Deterioration, feeling of loneliness, health and sickness.  Motiffs- burning house, clocks, play within a play, dilusion,  Isolation, loneliness.

Korn- Freak on a Leash-By far one of the most amazing music videos.  It came out in 1999, and this video was on of the most expensive/ technologically advanced music videos of the time.  It starts as a cartoon, with an outcast girl being shot at, and the video switches to real life as you follow the life of the bullet as it goes through bottles, glasses, and anything else in its way before meeting with the band in a black room where the bullet dances around the room. The bullet is what ties everything together.


Maus I-  Distractions- metafiction. Framed vs Unframed (Change in time). Experiences drawn out, to give idea of what it would be like to go through.  Experience.

Maus II- Legatimacy vs Accuracy, Past Histories/ experiences.  Understanding, Judging the characters? How many narratives. I feel that there is many narratives, not just 2 or 4, but every description of a story within the story falls into the catagory of a narrative.


Personal Media-

I will definately incorporate a map of Islamorada and Ft Pierce, as both places have contributed to my identity significantly.  I would like to have links from significant places on the map that will link to my stories or experiences.  I want the page to be easy to navigate and have personal connections such as fishing/ duck hunting.

Pt.2 of project- We are like collectors, gathering ideas from our experiences and other peoples and creating a collection from different sources.  Make the assemblage of diverse elements.  Let people speak in their roles and assemblage based on that.


Group 1:

Chapter1- Ulmer- His idea of going from literacy to elecracy is not so much reading and writing, but putting an individual spin on media.

What is my career discourse: 1/4 of the popcycle.

How do you document in Electracy:

Difference between discovery and Invention.

Chapt 9, 10. synecdoche, two readings for wednesday. and about a movie/ music video we like.


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