In creating my Project 2, my goal was to structure it using the concept of the turn-table as I brought different elements from different places to make an overall new story, similar to a DJ mashing or mixing two vinyls to produce a new beat.   Wordpress served as my term table, and I was the DJ creating new notions. 

I did not express any connections between Pt. 1 and Pt 2. of my project, however, there clearly was a connection, and I used the style of syncretism to bring them together, and quilt them together through design weblayout of my project.  The page flows in the direction that I want it to be read, in a simple yet intricate design, as the link which takes you to the next page was strategically chosen to help with giving the feeling of mood and atmosphere, while aligning with the overall theme.

 Pt. 1 incorporated Juxtapositioning the time, place, and theme of the movie, with the situation of my Junior High Football team.  I attempted to highlight this point on the page when I stated that “the gladiator was still Victorious”, implying that my team had become the gladiator.   It was difficult stepping out of the picture, however, I was able to do so through becoming the Gladiator, and the Gladiator becoming me.   Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggs’ ” The Next Episode” was incorporated into the first page of Project 2 and served to make a connection between the time (2000), my football team ( that was the song that always played in the locker room), and the movie (the year that I watched Gladiator). Pt. 2 documents an exemplary member of my hometown of Winter Park, and my “street level” approach of learning, and understanding his significance.


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