Throughout the semester, I have been keeping an inventory of notes, documenting moods, ideas, feelings, and things that I liked or disliked about each assignment that we have covered, with the purpose of being able to go back and look at them when creating the project.   In my opinion, the websites proved to be most beneficial with respect to helping the project as it was easier to make direct connections of strategies that proved beneficial or detrimental.  Equally beneficial should be readings from Ulmer’s book, which proved to be a textbook explaining online writing and design.  However, most of his readings are convoluted, and in my opinion are extremely difficult to gather a lot of the information that he presents on the page.  I feel that this is an entry level English course (by the 1000, level indication), where as his intricate references would be more appropriately suited for an English major, or upper level English course.  But, I am approaching this class with a different view, from the way I approach the classes for my major that consist of mostly memorizing and understanding principles and concepts, and with the help of Gary and the class, I think I have been successful in deciphering most of the key ideas and points Ulmer is trying to make. 

With all of that said, I found Sunshine 69′ to be extremely intriguing as an abstract experience.  However, I did not like the structure of the design, as it proved to be difficult to navigate.  For my project, I wanted to make sure it would be easy to navigate, which is why I put 3 images of significance on the main project page each linking to their own personal sub page of the project. 

I also enjoyed the Chemical Landscape, with parts of the artistic watercolor background linking to scrolling texts of words and moods, in an unorthodox reading format.  I did not like how fast the text scrolled through, but I thought the format of the text was a strong point, and incorporated this notion into my project for the inventions section. 

The entire second part of my project incorporates Chapter 3 from Ulmer, as the trip can be viewed as a distraction from my life, as it was not planned but escalated from my Grandfather’s stroke.  However, I went on the trip, and stayed in Iran for 3 weeks(althought we originally bought the tickets for only 1 week), away from my parents and home (my mom returned after a week). I felt feelings of homesickness, however this proved significant for the electracy as it allowed me to have my epiphany which confirmed the career path I wanted to follow, and one of the greatest experiences of my life. 

The spontaneous nature of my trip in Pt. 2, also relates to y tu mama tambien, as like the characters in the film, I did not know the significance of the life lesson or epiphany that would come out of my trip.  

The images I used, specifically the ones with my grandparents, trigger emotions inside of me every time I see them, that take me back to some of the special times that I have spent with them, especially those 3 weeks when I lived with them in Iran, which ties to the idea of punctum in Ulmer’s readings.


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