“What literacy is to the analytical mind, electracy is to the affective body: A prosthesis that enhances and augments a natural or organic human potential”

-Greg Ulmer

 The time is 1977 and the “Indomitable” is born. Raymond Damadian changes the Medical World. 

  How can a doctor be sure.

 I mean 100 percent sure?

Medicine is Science, and Science is Imperfect.

 Images don’t lie. They confirm. They confirm doctors, they may even make decisions for doctors.  Brain aneurism? Tumor? integrity of Spinal Chord after Trauma? Signs and symptoms can only tell so much.

 How did doctors know without surgery?

Well, I guess it might be soooo… I will just go ahead and operate.

  Whooooooops!!, I guess I was wrong, it may have just been a migraine, your brain looks fine to me.

No harmful dyes.No operations. The guess work is DONE!



Imagine laying onto a moveable bed

That is inserted into a giant circular magnet

That scans the affected body part

With its huge magnetic field, aligning itself

Then realigning the body’s Hydrogen atoms

All spinning along the same axis

Some face up

And some face down

And the ones facing up cancel the ones facing down

But some ARE NOT cancelled!

-Machine Sends Radio Pulse-

Sending radio Pulse

Uncancelled atoms spin at particular frequency, and

In particular direction


Impulse off

Atoms return to natural alignment

and give off energy

machine processes signal and produces clear image.

Very Clear Image

 Whats Next? Will these machine images later be able to diagnose without Dr Intrepretations, and be able to perform Surgery? Will there be a need for doctors?

There will always be a need for Doctors.(I hope)


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