10 02 2010

After reading Maus, It didnt strike me as something new, but I had a feeling of already knowing whats going on before I read it.  I didnt stop to think about why the Jews were mice, or why the Nazis where Cats.  It was too familiar as at first I directly related it to Animal Farm, where George Orwell the author, used animals and describing the russian revolution, leading up to the Stalin Era before WWII, and accused our author of stealing this idea of using animals to depict people from Orwell.  However, after more considerations, I learned that this idea of the Jews as mice and Nazis as Cats, was/is the general thought.  In the movie, Inglorious Bastards, this notion is depicted perfectly in  one of the first scenes as the nazi official enters the home of the dairy farmer and finds/kills all the jews after describing the notion of jews equalling mice.   However, the story is facisnating as the author, Speigelman, uses comics and cartoons, to write this autobiography.  Speigelman is successfull in contrasting times, through outlining frames.  This is significant in understanding his autobiography as it is a story being told from father to son, and often jumps between present and past.