27 01 2010

A part of the reading over the weekend really caught my attention and made me think.  During the section, “The two economies” Ulmer describes a student having been formed from the home.  He goes on to say that they have been brought up to with ambitions of “accumulation, upward mobility, and sucess” in whatever endevour they take on, as they are students that will do anything to succeed, get good grades, and become significant members of society.  He connects all of these qualities and ambitions to being brought up from the home.  I disagree.  This is a huge assumption, and maybe even a stereotype of a few good students. However, how about the successful students that grow up without a “home” to instil in them such qualities and ambitions?  Many successful students’s ambitions and successes stem from an epiphany, or a hardship which motivates them to want to better themselves.  But, I guess Ulmer is right? Everyone has a home, whether literal or not.  Home is in the heart, in feelings, in actions, in your mind, a place that comforts you but also raises you and teaches you.  And whatever situation a student grows up in, inevitably, in their mind, becomes their home, a place that gave them the foundation for whatever person they are destined to become.