7 04 2010

Today in class we were presented with a situation in that a person is stranded on the side of the highway, and we were to discuss/describe the thought proccess that is involved with making the decision to either help the person, or ignore them and keep driving.   Obviously, everyone is different and would respond differently, however I believe the reason that I would stop is because I have a genuine passion for helping people, not because I have to, nor because I may receive any kind of gift, praise, or recognition, but simply because I desire the health and wellbeing of others, and will do anything in my power that I am capable of in the scope of my education/wisdom to help someone.   Gary made  an example in class today about advising his buddy to not eat red meat because of his already high cholestoral.  He is not advising his friend because he has to, but simply because he cares about the well being of his friend, and has the knowledge/wisdom that red meat has been identified as a major source of dietary cholesterol.  It is not Gary’s duty/responsibility to advise his friend, however, due to the fact that he cares about his friend, he most likely desires the well being/longevity/best interest of his friend so that they can later attend baseball games when they are 80 years old!  This brings up the significant notion of duty vs desire.