19 03 2010

A significant part of class the past week or so has been the style of High Concept.  Quilting is important for high concept as it brings everything together without describing it with repetitive detail.  I don’t know if this is right or not, but when I think of High Concept I think of the movie Snakes on a Plane, as the title is simple and straight forward, and tells you exactly what the film is about.

Last week, there was a big fight on PayPerView, Pacquiao vs Clottey.  I have been boxing for a while  and I am actually training now trying to cutweight for a fight over summer.  My favorite boxer is Manny Pacquiao, and nike just came out with a Manny Pacquiao Pride shirt that is similar to a quilt as the abstract design tells you the story of Pacquiaos life.  Look closely and you can find the map of the world, the map of the Philipines (Pacquiao’s home country), boxing belts, an eagle (philipines national bird), his favorite instrument, the first Philipino fighter, Freddy Roach( Pacquiao’s trainer), his glove symbolic for his famous hook, and Wild Card Gym in Vegas, the gym where he trains.   From a distance, the image may appear to look like Pacquiaos head, but if you look closer you can make out all the individual parts that go into it that tell the life story of Manny Pacquiao.


Assignment #3

4 03 2010

Everyone has their good group of friends that they grew up with. Pool parties in elementary school,  movies in middle school, and parties in high school.  These friends became family, their families became my family, and my family theirs. 

First day of summer after 6th grade- Pool party at Lindsay’s house.  We were running around her back yard with our super soakers, when all of a sudden her dad comes out with his fly rod. He walks down to the lake, slides his canoe into the water and paddles out by himself insearch of the elusive Largemouth Bass.   I lost all interest in the water fight.  He flyfished? Noone around here flyfishes? I want to know more. I want a big house on the lake, where I can just slide my canoe into the water and Flyfish too.

Things did not change as we got older. If we were not at my house, our group of close friends was at her house.  I love my house, as it is nice and big too with deer heads, elk heads, turkeys, and other wild game all over the walls.  I want a house like that , my dads an engineer, but I hate math and physics so thats out of the picture.  But I love fishing, hunting, the outdoors, and through that I found a love for Biology.  But Lindsay’s house had all the deer and wildgame on her walls too! I found out her dad is a doctor, a surgeon.  I loved those things too, so I wanted to be like him.

Everytime I was at their house, I would always find myself asking him questions about school, fishing, hunting, and biology, and almost found myself liking to hang out with him, more than my friends who I had gone over to spend time with.   It was like yesterday, two summers ago, when I was taking Organic Chemistry during summer and having difficulties memorizing something I did not understand, that was not proved, and could be completely wrong.  I asked him about it and he said he had the same problems when he took Organic Chemistry at Emory many years ago and that he worked his way though it and after failing the first test, found new ways to approach it and recieved an A in the class.  He went on to say, that if it was easy, everyone could become a doctor, and that course is the true deciding point for most Pre-med students who really want it.  As Ulmer says, “All Naratives are structured by conflict,” and this became my conflict, which I worked through because I knew I wanted it.

I started shadowing him.  Like the Doctor in Iran, that confirmed my career discourse, the respect lindsays dad recieved from his patience was amazing. The way they would look in his eyes, and say Thank You Doctor.  It didnt even phase him, he was used to it, but to me it was one of the coolest things ever.  I watched him do some of the most amazing surgerys, that I never thought were even technologically possible, watching his hands stitch in artificial graphs, in place of Artieries that had been cut out as a result of forming aneurysms.  He credited his stable hands, to knot tying, as knot tying is a significant part of fly fishing.  I knew I could be good at that, and thanks to him, Vascular Surgery is my goal.