17 02 2010

My subject for the group presentation was chapter 3 in Ulmer’s book.  I spent sometime preparing for the main points as I expected to spend the most time explaining those/relating them to how I will use them to electrify my project. However, when I started describing Alienation,-the feeling of homesickness, I got caught up with the idea of distraction, and we spent some time talking about distraction.  Distraction is extremely significant for electracy, and as I mentioned in class- How many great inventions or accomplishments have come without distractions? Not many! But distraction needs to be used in an electric way, and not a way detrimental to the project.  For example, if I were to put a picture of a clean room in black and white, with me studying, but then have a fish mounted on top of my bed in color, the fish would prove to be a physical distraction, but also a distraction with electracy as it was the first fish I ever caught in my life and I am an avid fisherman, and once you clicked it it would provide more insight about my popcycle. It is significant to remember that the distraction needs to be good, but to ourself, as opposed to my example in class of the popup of a office depot ad on a webpage, that distracts other peoples attention off of the webpage to want to click it.


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11 01 2010

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Blog 2.

I was browsing through an online duck hunting forum this weekend, and came across a post where one of the posters had posted some pictures from his hunt.  He had gone hunting in a marsh in south florida, except he was not shooting a gun, instead he was armed with his camera.  After looking at the pictures of bluewing teal flying in unison, It brought back memories of my first year getting into duck hunting 4 years ago, when I saw a similiar flight of bluewing teal, in full plume dashing and darting through my decoys.   After reading the section on Image in Ulmer’s Internet Invention, I thought about what makes a strong image.  Ulmer pointed out that a key is to tie the image to a memory which creates an specific emotion in the observer.   The poster that posted the picture of the bluewing teal, succesfully achieved that as the picture took me back to a similiar experience that I experienced a few years back.   It is important to use image to create a mood, and bring out emotions in the observer to have a successful image.  This can be accomplished through the using the environment and imagry to connect to and bring out emotions in the observer.