Exercise 4

3 04 2010

Lazy yellow moon coming up tonight
Shining through the trees
Crickets are singing
And the lightning bugs are floating on the breeze
Baby get ready

Across the field where the creek turns back
By the old stump road
Im going to take you to a special place
That nobody knows
Baby get ready
Ooo ooo ooo

One of my favorite songs, as it describes his desire to take the girl he loves to a special place that nobody knows.   His use of imagery through the vivid details of his favorite place are rustically genuine.  A bona-fide love for the outdoors ,a place far from buildings, problems, and worries is  portrayed through the descriptions.  There are no hidden meanings to decipher, or deep connections to make, just “good ole” lyrics written with simplicity that are soothing, dreamy, and with punctum to anyone who loves the outdoors.   To some, it may sound like a love song, however, the true love is displayed in describing the special place.  The song begins with an acoustic guitar which gives the listener an earthy, cowboy tone, before two more guitars join in.   Then as the lyrics ,which prove to be the rational begin, there is a faint sound from a harmonica in the back ground, which also adds rustic qualities to the song , perfectly complementing the lyrics and giving the carefree, nothing-else-in the-world-matters atmosphere.

And it don’t matter if we sit forever
And the fish don’t bite
Jump in the river and cool ourselves
from the heat of the night
Baby get ready

Ooo ooo ooo

Pt. 2

As we are approaching the end of the semester and have completed many exercises to better understand our positions within Orality, Literacy, and Electracy, I have noticed a few themes that are intertwined throughout all of these dimensions.  Both my mom and dad moved to the US in 1979 before the revolution in Iran,  by themselves to attend College.  They barely spoke english started with nothing, and against all odds, were able to make it through all of the adversity they faced and become successful.   Through them, I gained what I believe is my strongest quality, Ambition.  I will never quit any task, and refuse to take no for an answer.  I believe everything is possible and truly believe, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

I have always been a good student, who knew I wanted to go to the University of Florida.  However, when I received my admissions letter, I was disappointed to learn that it was not an acceptance letter.   While all of my friends knew where they were going by February and had already gotten senioritis, I spent my senior year spring writing letters, driving to Gainesville for meetings, and working hard to make sure I had strong final grades.  During an appeals process that accepted about 20 students out of nearly 400 appeals, I was one of the students that got accepted because I have a quality about me that will work as hard as I need to get what I want.   I recently began volunteering at an elementary school in the lower income area of Gainesville, performing science experiments for 3rd graders, with the hope of sharing my ambitions with the younger generations of our community.

I believe it is my ambitions combined with my love for helping people that has led me into my senior year as a Biology major.  I have seen more than half of my friends start their academic careers as “premed” and then switch once they got to some of the harder classes, but my ambition and determination will never let me quit until I achieve my goals.

Finally, I believe it is this quality in me that makes me prefer action movies, with my favorite movie being Shooter.  Character can be measured by the way man responds to conflict and adversity, and it is not ironic that all of my favorite movies are movies that deal with a character that overcomes all conflict and adversity to rise to the top.