5 02 2010

A. Home (Venetian Shores).

B. Shell Key.

C. Snake Creek Bonefish Flat.

D. Bud N Mary’s/ Lazy Days.

E. World Wide Sportsman/ Morada Bay.

Islamorada is home, home away from home, the greatest home in the world. A place where thousands of hours have been spent doing nothing, besides looking at the crystal blue water of the bayside that endlessly goes north, daydreaming, being unproductive, but happy, without stress or a single worry in the world.

I have spent many mornings, afternoons, nights running around the unmarked flats in islamorada in search of the elusive bone fish. Finally, after many years, my first one was caught off Shell Key.  Since then, I have caught many bonefish, in the bahamas, keys, mexico and etc. But no fish will compare to the fish in Shell Key.  There is no smarter, bigger, tougher, more elusive, spookier fish than the fish of shell key, and for that they have my ultimate respect.

Snake Creek is marked, but a difficult channel to navigate. A channel that connects the bayside to the ocean side. I have seen many boaters, unable to navigate and read channel markers, run their fancy triple engine boats off the channel and onto the shallow flats that surround it, sitting in embarressment waiting 6 hours for the tide to rise or for the seatow boat to save them.  This flat being so close to home, is my home flat, and I can blindly point out every pothole, lip, ledge, or drop off on it, and have seen some of the most spectacular fishing here.  It is my go to flat.

Lazy Days may be older than I am, It has been there as long as I can remember and it is an icon of Islamorada.  It has the freshest seafood with the best view. I hope to someday become an owner, or simulate a similiar place with the same atmosphere, as I love every second that I have spent there.  Eat your own catch, watch the sunset, on a pristine flat that expands to the ocean.

There is not a single trip to Islamorada that does not consist of a stop to WorldWide Sportsman.  Lots of knowledge has come out of WorldWide Sportsman, I remember many hours talking to Walter at the flyfishing counter,  who gave me insight on bullynetting, catching bait, and patchreef fishing.  Next door at Marada Bay, I have experienced some of my greatest sunsets, and my obsession of sunsets stemmed from here.


Professional Crabber

5 02 2010

A house in Ft Pierce. I  walked in, looked around, the smell of salt in the air, a long dock extends far into the Indian River lagoon. A view of blue-green open water, with large mangrove islands, running the length of the river, which become a part of the one of the best sunset views in the world every afternoon.  The sunset takes the purples, greens, blues, yellows, pinks, and reds from your watercolor set, and creates the most amazing image, never duplicating a previous portrait.  And then my parents told us that they were buying this house, 4 bedrooms, tall and beachy.  I sat around thinking, dreaming all day and night about the possibilities. I would become a professional crabber,  learn every tarpon hot spot, find out where the redfish tail, or where the snook hide at night.  I would learn the channels, inlets, cuts, and coves and find secret ledges and flats that would become my secret spots.  This is what Ft. Pierce became, a place where my dreams were made.  I couldn’t sleep, I was so excited.  I dreamed about winning every redfish tournament in the Indian river, having my own research project of tagging and releasing fish.  This was Ft Pierce.  A place where you couldnt get bored even on a rainy day, where the boatramps are filled on saturdays and sundays with people who loved the water as much as I did, and where the endless bullshit stories are neverending on the fishing docks.  This was my dream town, and on this day it would become my reality.