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11 01 2010

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Blog 2.

I was browsing through an online duck hunting forum this weekend, and came across a post where one of the posters had posted some pictures from his hunt.  He had gone hunting in a marsh in south florida, except he was not shooting a gun, instead he was armed with his camera.  After looking at the pictures of bluewing teal flying in unison, It brought back memories of my first year getting into duck hunting 4 years ago, when I saw a similiar flight of bluewing teal, in full plume dashing and darting through my decoys.   After reading the section on Image in Ulmer’s Internet Invention, I thought about what makes a strong image.  Ulmer pointed out that a key is to tie the image to a memory which creates an specific emotion in the observer.   The poster that posted the picture of the bluewing teal, succesfully achieved that as the picture took me back to a similiar experience that I experienced a few years back.   It is important to use image to create a mood, and bring out emotions in the observer to have a successful image.  This can be accomplished through the using the environment and imagry to connect to and bring out emotions in the observer.