17 02 2010

My subject for the group presentation was chapter 3 in Ulmer’s book.  I spent sometime preparing for the main points as I expected to spend the most time explaining those/relating them to how I will use them to electrify my project. However, when I started describing Alienation,-the feeling of homesickness, I got caught up with the idea of distraction, and we spent some time talking about distraction.  Distraction is extremely significant for electracy, and as I mentioned in class- How many great inventions or accomplishments have come without distractions? Not many! But distraction needs to be used in an electric way, and not a way detrimental to the project.  For example, if I were to put a picture of a clean room in black and white, with me studying, but then have a fish mounted on top of my bed in color, the fish would prove to be a physical distraction, but also a distraction with electracy as it was the first fish I ever caught in my life and I am an avid fisherman, and once you clicked it it would provide more insight about my popcycle. It is significant to remember that the distraction needs to be good, but to ourself, as opposed to my example in class of the popup of a office depot ad on a webpage, that distracts other peoples attention off of the webpage to want to click it.



3 02 2010

As I sat in class, monday afternoon.  I noticed a box of cookies, covered by a book.  Not just any cookies, they appeared to be publix cookies.  I sat there as we had a discussion about Ulmer’s reading that was due that class period.  My mind started racing.  Why did Gary bring cookies to class? I started thinking to myself and couldn’t really come up with a reason or occasion, but thought, wow that is a nice gesture, that is a nice thing to do, he didnt have to do that.

But then I thought about Ulmer, and the radio station that he was able to get at home.  The shitty one that played the same list of songs, over and over again all week, and how he was so excited to start driving because he could get the other radio station that played all of the good songs, which caught his attention to make him  go and  buy the albums of groups that played on the good station.  The good radio station proved to encourage him, putting him in a good mood, causing him to get excited and buy albums.

After reading the comments I received, and most of the reminders from Gary on our online discussion, I was convinced that we had not understood his assignment, and that our discussion was off from that which he had intended.  I began to think that maybe, like the better radio station that put Ulmer in a good mood, and excited to listen to music and buy records, that Gary on his stroll through Publix, thought that these cookies would get all of us excited, to have a great discussion in class to make up for the poor online assignment.  I may have been completely wrong, and maybe Gary did buy them to be nice. But Just maaybe, there were was an underlying motive influenced by Ulmer, to encourage us and lift our spirirts to produce the greatest class discussion yet!